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8121 Rainbow Blvd NW
Albuquerque, NM 87114

Phone: (505) 792-3262

Fax: (505) 898-9234

Getting to us:
We are due west of Tony Hillerman Middle School and the APS Soccer Complex. From Rainbow Blvd, turn west on the service road just south of the middle school property line fence and follow that road to the top of the hill.  


Tierra Antigua Elementary School
8121 Rainbow Blvd. NW
Albuquerque, New Mexico  87114 (map)

Office: (505) 792-3262
Fax: (505) 898-9234
Office Hours: 8:15 - 4:15

District Numbers

Student Service Center: (505) 855-9040

Student Transportation Services (Buses): (505) 880-3989


Linville, Shannon (505) 792-3262 ex.37809 Assistant Principal
Olsen, Sharon (505) 792-3262 ex.37810 Principal
Telge, Frank Assistant Principal

Office Staff and Support

Gonzales, Star Instructional Coach
Mcafee, Marissa (505) 792-3262 ex.37802 Secretary
Pliska, Carrie (505) 792-3262 ex.37801 Registrar
Trujillo, Dominica Staff


Billingsley, Jennifer (505) 792-3262 ex.37930 Kindergarten Teacher
Billingsley, Roxanne (505) 792-3262 ex.37927 Kindergarten EA
Bowman, Lindsey (505) 792-3262 ex.37927 Kindergarten Teacher
Boyer, Tracy (505) 792-3262 ex.37934 Kindergarten Teacher
Castillo, Caroline Kindergarten Teacher
Dunbar, Geraldine (505) 792-3262 ex.37929 Kindergarten EA
Estrada, Jamey Kindergarten Teacher
Hodges, Marie Kindergarten EA
Lopez, Candice (505) 792-3262 ex.37930 Kindergarten EA
Martell, Alice (505) 792-3262 ex.37933 Kindergarten EA
Masterson, Sarah (505) 792-3262 ex.37928 Kindergarten Teacher
Weaver, Martha (505) 792-3262 ex.37929 Kindergarten Teacher
Wetsel, Franchon (505) 792-3262 ex.37934 Kindergarten EA

1st Grade

Fees, Sarah (505) 792-3262 ex.37853 1st Grade Teacher
Kraft, Alyssa (505) 792-3262 ex.37859 1st Grade Teacher
Matison, Kristin (505) 792-3262 ex.37856 1st Grade Teacher
Moe, Kara (505) 792-3262 ex.37854 1st Grade Teacher
Potis, Regina (505) 792-3262 ex.37858 1st Grade Teacher
Raymond, Jenna (505) 792-3262 ex.37857 1st Grade Teacher
Zuni, Nina (505) 792-3262 ex.37855 1st Grade Teacher

2nd Grade

Chavez, Veronica (505) 792-3262 ex.37844 2nd Grade Teacher
Ernst, Chelsey (505) 792-3262 ex.37849 2nd Grade Teacher
Lacy, Janet (505) 792-3262 ex.37845 2nd Grade Teacher
Long, Rebecca (505) 792-3262 ex.37846 2nd Grade Teacher
Stone, Kelly (505) 792-3262 ex.37958 2nd Grade Teacher
Wallace, Cindi (505) 792-3262 ex.37852 2nd Grade Teacher
Wrolstad, Jayme (505) 792-3262 ex.37847 2nd Grade Teacher

3rd Grade

Bearce, Mary (505) 792-3262 ex.37942 3rd Grade Teacher
Bowles, Alison (505) 792-3262 ex.37959 3rd Grade Teacher
Calderon, Melanie (505) 792-3262 ex.37944 3rd Grade Teacher
Carr, Deborah (505) 792-3262 ex.37945 3rd Grade Teacher
Mills, Laura (505) 792-3262 ex.37946 3rd Grade Teacher
Rodriguez, Sarah 3rd Grade Teacher
Smith, Jennifer 3rd Grade Teacher

4th Grade

Blaisure, Kerri (505) 792-3262 ex.37954 4th Grade Teacher
Brown, Robin (505) 792-3262 ex.37947 4th Grade Teacher
Duran, Dedra (505) 792-3262 ex.37957 4th Grade Teacher
Herrera, Christine (505) 792-3262 ex.37953 4th Grade Teacher
Mares, Anna (505) 792-3262 ex.37952 4th Grade Teacher
Price, Shannon (505) 792-3262 ex.37950 4th Grade Teacher

5th Grade

Dye, Nancy (505) 792-3262 ex.37964 5th Grade Teacher
Edwards, Megan (505) 792-3262 ex.37965 5th Grade Teacher
Rodriguez, Laurie (505) 792-3262 ex.37966 5th Grade Teacher
Romero, Luanna (505) 792-3262 ex.37910 5th Grade Teacher
Sprouse, Kristen (505) 792-3262 ex.37912 5th Grade Teacher
St Pierre, Amanda 5th Grade Teacher
Wehner, John 5th Grade Teacher


Aguilar, Christine (505) 792-3262 ex.37863 Gifted Teacher
Curvin, Michelle (505) 792-3262 ex.37814 Special Education Teacher
Frame, Alyssa Special Education EA
Green, Linda (505) 792-3262 ex.37955 Special Education Teacher
Innerhofer, Marci (505) 792-3262 ex.37843 Speech-Language Pathologist
Johnson, Doreen (505) 792-3262 ex.37955 Special Education EA
Nordstrand, Loretta (505) 792-3262 ex.37967 Special Education EA
Reeves, Donovan Special Education Teacher
Ruckman, Mary (505) 792-3262 ex.37842 Special Education Head Teacher
Russell, Sandra (505) 792-3262 ex.37851 Special Education EA
Vigil, DeAndra (505) 792-3262 ex.37954 Special Education EA
Weber, Silvia (505) 792-3262 ex.37860 Gifted Teacher

Support Staff

Aldrich, Todd (505) 792-3262 ex.37824 PE Teacher
Ayer, Laura (505) 792-3262 ex.37904 Librarian
Busse, Melissa Art Teacher
Deuell, Sandy (505) 792-3262 ex.37908 PE Teacher
Glass, Lynn (505) 792-3262 ex.37804 Counselor
Kempinsky, Jean Art Teacher
Kennedy, Jan (505) 792-3262 ex.37824 Social Worker
Rodriguez, Monica (505) 792-3262 ex.37805 Counselor
Torres, Jan (505) 792-3262 ex.37806 Nurse